Be the First to Know What's Happening

Be the First to Know What's Happening

I will send you weekly briefings that will ensure you know more than anybody else about what is happening in our district. When you are equipped & empowered, problems get solved and life gets better for everyone.

Meet Jacey

Jacey Jetton is a 7th generation Texan and the son of a Korean immigrant. He represents the people of Fort Bend County, the most diverse county in America, in the Texas House of Representatives. Jacey was appointed Chair of the Appropriations Article II Subcommittee and serves on the Committees for Redistricting, Public Health, and Local and Consent Calendars. In his first session, he was voted Freshman of the Year by his peers. Jacey supports policies ensuring Texas remains the best place to pursue the American Dream.

Jacey and his wife Fanny are small business owners in Fort Bend County where their boys, Jacob and Calob, attend school and play football.

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