Building the Wall

The Trump Administration constructed 55 miles of border wall in Texas to crack down on illegal entry into the U.S. Jacey authored and passed legislation to finish constructing an additional 100 miles of border wall in Texas to continue this work. Jacey is leading the fight to build the wall in Texas.

Securing the Border

Texas is stepping up where the Biden Administration is failing to secure our border. Jacey supported legislation making it a state crime to enter the U.S. illegally through Texas. He also supported legislation empowering law enforcement to return illegal immigrants to Mexico, and raising penalties on criminals bringing drugs into Texas, operating stash houses, or transporting illegal immigrants across the state.

Historic Property Tax Relief

Jacey supported the historic property tax relief package that has resulted in lower property taxes for Fort Bend families today. He will continue to fight to cut your property taxes until they are completely eliminated.

Protecting Your Second Amendment Rights

Jacey is endorsed by the NRA for passing “more pro-gun legislation in Texas than in any other state”. Our second amendment rights must continue to be protected from a liberal agenda. As a conservative legislator and Texas Army National Guard soldier, Jacey is committed to fighting to protect your second amendment rights.

Protecting Our Children

In his two sessions in the Texas House, Jacey has fought for new laws to protect our children in person and online. This includes banning all child gender modification procedures, empowering parents with new rights to monitor who is contacting their children online, banning Critical Race Theory and sexually explicit content in school curriculum, prohibiting cities from defunding their police departments, and more.

Election Integrity

In his first term, Jacey wrote large sections of the election integrity omnibus bill that caused the Democrats to walk out of the Texas House. Between this law, and other laws he authored and passed, Jacey has led the fight to make Texas the model for the nation in securing our elections.

Fiscal Responsibility

Jacey constructed a balanced, conservative budget in partnership with the Texas Senate. Jacey joined his Republican colleagues in refusing to ever vote to raise the pay or pensions for Texas House members. He is committed to fiscal responsibility and ensuring Texas does not follow D.C. in leaving a legacy of debt for future generations.

Investing in Education

Education is a crucial part of the American Dream. Jacey voted for a historic investment in education funding, supporting parents in education, supporting teachers in education, a cost of living adjustment for retired teachers, and supports continuing to fight the federal government to reduce burdens on teachers and students so every child has an opportunity to succeed and more tax dollars go directly to students and classrooms.

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