7th Generation Texan

My Texas roots run deep. Being a 7th-generation Texan, I’ve come to know what hard-working, Texas conservatism looks like. My father served as an artilleryman, stationed in South Korea, in the U.S. Army, and I followed in his footsteps. I enlisted in the Texas Army National Guard and was attached to a mechanized infantry unit in the 36th Infantry Division. In 2022, I re-enlisted in the Texas Army National Guard to fight for our nation and preserve our freedoms for future generations as an Artilleryman.

Husband and Dad

In 2004, I met my wonderful wife, Fanny. After getting married, I introduced her to the great state of Texas, and we settled in Richmond to start a family. Fanny and I have two boys, Jacob and Calob, who attend public schools in Fort Bend County. We’re raising them to have faith in God and respect for our country. It’s my family that motivated me to get active and make Texas better. That is why you will also find us volunteering for various organizations reducing poverty, helping single moms in need, and supporting veterans.

Conservative Roots

For over a decade, I have worked to advance the conservative ideas and principles that made Fort Bend County and Texas great. We attract people from all over the country and the world, because we value freedom, liberty, and empower the individual to pursue what is best for themselves and their families. The conservative ideas that I stand for transcend party lines and are the foundation for the decisions I make and how I lead in the Texas House of Representatives.

"Freshman Legislator of the Year"

Effective Legislator

In 2020, I was blessed to be elected to the Texas House of Representatives to represent House District 26. We began our work immediately by assembling our team and addressing pressing issues from the pandemic, even before officially taking office in 2021. With our hard-working team, we authored and joint-authored important legislation addressing election integrity, protecting children, fighting human trafficking, securing our border, and supporting law enforcement. We passed legislation that will make Texas a better and safer place to live. I was voted the Freshman Legislator of the Year by my colleagues in the House Republican Caucus.

Texas Family Tradition

Entrepreneurialism isn’t something new for the Jetton family. My great-grandfather was the Texas “King of Barbeque,” Walter Jetton, who started Jetton’s Barbeque in Fort Worth, Texas and catered for United States presidents. Following in his footsteps, Fanny and I have started multiple businesses, supporting other entrepreneurs, creating jobs and providing essential services to our community.

A Home in Fort Bend

People come to Texas and Fort Bend County to pursue the American Dream. We work hard so our children can have a bright future, with opportunities to succeed. It’s time to restore hope in the American Dream for all Texans. Will you join me on this journey?

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