Jacey Jetton Announces First Election Integrity Bill

For Immediate Release:

January 14th, 2021

AUSTIN – State Representative Jacey Jetton (Sugar Land) announces his first bill designed to secure Texas Elections. This bill will be the first in a series of bills designed to increase election integrity in Texas.

“The 2020 elections exposed holes in our current election laws,” said Rep. Jacey Jetton. “The foundation of democracy is free and fair elections. Current election law fails to properly secure voting locations from elected officials or bad actors who might intimidate voters, election workers, or otherwise influence election outcomes. House Bill 1128 clarifies who is allowed in polling locations to ensure all voters can vote in a safe environment. Additionally, it protects the facilities where mail-in-ballots are counted from individuals who should not be there.”

Jetton’s bill will further secure Texas elections by explicitly listing which people are permitted into polling locations and ballot counting areas. Election judges, chosen by both major parties, have the ability to request security, technology assistance, translators, and other pertinent services. This bill securing Texas voting locations would preclude individuals and elected officials who have no role in the administration of elections from loitering inside facilities where election activities are taking place. Certain protected individuals, such as poll watchers, will continue to receive access to polling facilities.

Future election integrity bills from Rep. Jetton will address issues like voter rolls, mail-in-ballots, and voter identification laws.


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