Representative Jacey Jetton Files a Trigger Bill for HR 1

AUSTIN – State Representative Jacey Jetton announces a “trigger bill” that would go into effect if the federal government passed a bill to take over Texas’ elections. HR1 has passed the US House of Representatives and is awaiting the Senate for approval. If this bill passes, Jetton’s bill would automatically decouple federal races from all others in Texas.

“The bill that passed the US House as HR 1 is yet another example of extreme government overreach,” said Jetton. “This bill is a transparent attempt by democrats in Congress to interfere with elections across the country. Given how poorly the federal government manages many other agencies, I have no confidence in their ability to oversee elections across the country. I filed House Bill 4366 to ensure the integrity of Texas’ elections.”

If HR 1, or a bill substantively similar, passes the US Congress and is signed into law, the provisions in House Bill 4366 would go into effect as well. This would require the Texas Secretary of State to convene with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Texas House and Senate Elections Committees to adopt procedures to comply with federal statutes without compromising the integrity of other elections in Texas. This would include notations in the voter rolls to determine which voters are eligible to vote in all elections, as opposed to eligibility to vote in only federal elections, which would require a much lower threshold of verification. The adopted procedures would also move all non-federal elections to a date that is different from federal elections.

Jetton’s bill would go into effect on September 1, 2021 and its provisions would be implemented only in the event HR 1 or another similar bill becomes law.


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