Representatives Jetton and Sherman Announce the Friends of Taiwan Caucus 

AUSTIN, TX – Texas State Representatives Jacey Jetton (Richmond) and Carl Sherman (Dallas) announce the formation of the Friends of Taiwan Caucus in the Texas Legislature. In a region of instability and threats to our national security, Taiwan remains a key ally of Texas and the United States. Members of the Friends of Taiwan Caucus seek to deepen and reaffirm the cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship between Taiwan and Texas.

“Taiwan is a friend to Texas, the U.S, and to stability in that region of the world,” Rep. Jetton said. “We must stand with our allies to protect freedom and stop human rights violations occurring around the world. Representative Carl Sherman and I formed the Friends of Taiwan Caucus to strengthen our ties with Taiwan and increase trade between our nations.”

“We established the nonpartisan legislative caucus in the interest of improving all partnerships between Texas and Taiwan, which can help to bolster our strong economic position in technology and reinforce Taiwan’s global security and future. Our work as Co-Chairs of The Friends of Taiwan Caucus is to strengthen the positive impact of trade on all business and cultural sectors in Texas while protecting the future supply chain,” Rep. Carl Sherman stated.

The Friends of Taiwan Caucus was officially announced in August 2022, in time to celebrate the 111th National Day of Taiwan, which takes place on October 10, 2022, celebrating the founding of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The founding members of the Friends of Taiwan Caucus, listed below, join the people of Taiwan in celebrating this momentous occasion.

• Rep. Jacey Jetton
• Rep. Carl Sherman
• Rep. Matt Schaefer
• Rep. Brian Harrison
• Rep. Cody Vasut
• Rep. Gary Gates
• Rep. Matt Shaheen
• Rep. Jared Patterson
• Rep. Barbara Gervin-Hawkins
• Rep. Lacey Hull
• Rep. Senfronia Thompson
• Senator Jane Nelson
• Senator Lois Kolkhorst
• Senator Drew Springer


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