The Asian American House Caucus Authors Lunar New Year Resolution

For Immediate Release:

February 12, 2021

AUSTIN – The Asian American House Caucus of the 87th Legislative Session of the Texas House of Representatives jointly authors the Lunar New Year Resolution. To commemorate the Year of the Ox, the caucus authored a bill wishing all those who celebrate the Lunar New Year a joyous and prosperous year. The members of the Asian American House Caucus are Representatives Gene Wu, Angie Chen-Button, Jacey Jetton, and Hubert Vo. 

The resolution summarizes the significance of the Lunar New Year to many Texans with an Asian heritage and recognizes some of the ways the Asian community contributes to the professional and cultural life of the Lone Star State. This Lunar New Year festival ushers in the Year of the Ox, the animal of the Chinese Zodiac that symbolizes virtues such as hard work, honesty, kindness, tranquility, and reason. 

Representatives Chen-Button, Wu, and Jetton recorded a video wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year. The video can be found here.


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