Representatives Jetton and Sherman Announce the Friends of Taiwan Caucus 

Texas State Representatives Jacey Jetton (Richmond) and Carl Sherman (Dallas) announce the formation of the Friends of Taiwan Caucus in the Texas Legislature. In a region of instability and threats to our national security, Taiwan remains a key ally of Texas and the United States. Members of the Friends of Taiwan Caucus seek to deepen and reaffirm the cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship between Taiwan and Texas.

Rep. Jacey Jetton Announces 2022 Priorities

Representative Jacey Jetton announces his office’s priorities for the 2022 calendar year. Jetton plans to focus on the “building blocks of a community,” empowering Texans to make the right decisions for their families and ensuring they have the opportunities to do so. Jetton is a Representative for Fort Bend County, one of the largest and most diverse counties in Texas.

Jacey Jetton Announces Re-Election Bid

Richmond, TX – State Representative Jacey Jetton announces his bid for re-election to House District 26 in Fort Bend County. Jetton seeks re-election to build on the successes of the legislative sessions this year. “The Texas Legislature took major steps to secure our elections, defend the border, promote religious liberty, and limit the role of […]

Representative Jacey Jetton Condemns Hate, Racism

AUSTIN – State Representative Jacey Jetton attended the Together We Are United Rally in Sugar Land, TX and Unity Against Hate Rally in Richmond, TX to speak about the importance of condemning hate and intentionally loving everyone in the diverse state of Texas.  “Fort Bend County is the most diverse county in the country and […]

Representative Jacey Jetton Supports Election Integrity Legislation

AUSTIN – State Representative Jacey Jetton announces support for election integrity legislation passed by the Texas House, following more than 15 years of bipartisan efforts to increase confidence in the outcomes of our elections.  “Texans have spoken loud and clear: it should be easy to vote and hard to cheat,” Rep. Jetton said. “After many […]

Representative Jacey Jetton Joint-Authors Property Tax Reform Bills

AUSTIN – State Representative Jacey Jetton announces support for House Bill 59 by Chairman Murr and House Bill 958 by Chairman Oliverson.  These bills take significant steps to reduce property taxes without cutting education funding. “Property taxes are out of control in Texas,” Jetton said. “It is unacceptable that an individual could be taxed out […]

Representative Jacey Jetton Joint-Authors HB 3520

AUSTIN – State Representative Jacey Jetton announces support for House Bill 3520, taking a vital step in combatting human trafficking in Texas. The bill, authored by Chairman Todd Hunter, would raise the minimum age for individuals who work in a sexually oriented business to 21 and imposes penalties for businesses that violate this statute. “Texas […]

HB 6 Protects Voters in Vulnerable Communities

AUSTIN, TX – State Representative Jacey Jetton expressed his full support for House Bill 6, following extensive and thorough public testimony in the House Elections Committee. Jetton also expressed concern over the rampant misinformation surrounding Chairman Briscoe Cain’s bill. “House Bill 6 does not impact your ability to vote, but instead protects your vote from […]

Representative Jacey Jetton Files Bill to Ban Federal Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying

AUSTIN – State Representative Jacey Jetton announces a bill prohibiting the State of Texas from hiring a lobbyist to petition the federal government. The bill would also preclude any state funds from being used to the same end. “When we elect a representative, we elect a person to advocate on our behalf,” Jetton said. “The […]

Representative Jacey Jetton Files a Trigger Bill for HR 1

AUSTIN – State Representative Jacey Jetton announces a “trigger bill” that would go into effect if the federal government passed a bill to take over Texas’ elections. HR1 has passed the US House of Representatives and is awaiting the Senate for approval. If this bill passes, Jetton’s bill would automatically decouple federal races from all […]

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